Approve Pending Messages


Depending on how you have configured your group, Regroup allows you to approve or deny all postings made to that group. If this option is chosen on the groups setting page the following will occur- Once a message is posted one of the designated administrators will receive an email and must approve or deny the posting. If approved the posting will be posted immediately to the group members. 

Admins that can approve:

  • Network Administrator
  • Full Group Administrator
  • Limited Administrator 

A Pending Topics email will go out to Administrators with a link to approve the topic.

  1. Navigate to POSTS - Manage Posts
  2. Navigate to Pending Messages
  3. Decide to approve or deny the message. You also have the option to make changes by clicking on the message before approving it
  4. Once the message is approved it will be sent to all members of the group and can be viewed on the Group Homepage
  5. The requester will receive an email stating their message was approved.



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