The "All" Group Name and Default Groups


CivicReady allows you to create a group titled "All".

In this group anyone who is added to your network (via import or self-registration) will be automatically added to the "ALL" group. This group is recognized by the CivicReady system as a default group.

You do not have to specify the "All" group as default. It will not show as a default group under Network level or Group level.

Default Groups: Network Level & Group Level

CivicReady allows you to designate one or more groups as 'Default' groups at Network Level and Group Level. Default groups will automatically add all users added to your network to these groups. You can have as many default groups as you wish but remember all users will be added to these groups. 

You can designate a default group through the Group Settings page or the Network Settings page once a group has been created.


Group Level Default Settings

  1. Find a Group and click on the group name. 
  2. Click on "Edit group settings"
  3. Next put a check-mark in the box under "Default Groups" and click "Save Settings"

 "Group Type" and "Privacy" can also be changed after a group has been created. For Default Groups we recommend to set it as Announcement Only and Secret since you might want to use it as an All users default emergency group when adding more users to the Network for any emergency related Post.


Network Level Default Settings

  1. To navigate to the Network Settings page first click on Admin Settings and select your network.
  2. Under the General tab in the "Access Settings" link you will see "Default Groups".  
  3. Default groups: Click the down arrow to show all of the groups in your Network. You can choose one or more groups as a default group.
  4. Select the group to make that group a Default Group and click "Save Settings"




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