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Effective best practices for encouraging students to sign up or subscribe to CivicReady service:

  • Weather Notifications: Inform your citizens of weather that is coming through the NWS, via a special notification, or both.
  • City Hall Closings: Let your residents know about closings of your office buildings so they do not have to find out the hard way by visiting an empty building.
  • Quarterly Test Alerts: CivicReady recommends quarterly test alerts, so people who are not yet subscribed would find out about the system from the others who received the alerts.
  • Newsletter or Poster Announcements: CivicReady also provides extra service by creating complimentary image or poster file for newsletter or poster distribution.
  • Email Announcements: By announcing via emails, people would receive the new available subscription details.
  • Recycling / Trash Schedule Changes: Let users know

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