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Example: Critical Templates for Local Governments

General Security Alert (Initial Message)

This template is the initial message that your organization can safely issue in a security incident. 

This kind of template is an initial response. It’s generic on-purpose. In most cases, you won’t have all of the details about the situation for some time, but you need to get people to safety. For this reason, we keep that first message short and to the point.

You’ll notice that we also date stamp this message. Why? Because there’s always stragglers. Someone’s phone will be charging, or they’re on lunch, a plane or vacation. Then, when they get the message days later, they won’t cause a panic if they know when the alert was first issued.

Inserting a short URL to your emergency info website is a nice touch, as you can post much more info online and keep the public in the loop as needed without blasting your text/email/phone lists with too many messages too often.

Bomb Threats

This template is very to the point. You don't want to create panic but you need to let as many people know as quickly as possible to evacuate the building. The reason for the date and time stamp is to eliminate confusion as to when the threat was reported. You can give more details online to keep people updated.

Fire in the Building

It's best to keep it simple. This template lets people know the problem and what to do in as little words as possible. All companies have their own emergency protocols. Use a date and time stamp to cut back on confusion as to when the fire was detected.

All Clear

After any significant incident, you will want to send an “all clear” to let folks know that it’s resolved. You don’t need details on this message.

Once again, we include a URL here to your emergency information website. That’s where you can post updates with more details for those who want/need more detail.


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