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Unsubscribe Using Email Footer


CivicReady allows you to unsubscribe from email using a link:

  • Users can only unsubscribe from one group per link
  • Users can only unsubscribe from groups not the whole network
  • Users can deactivate the email notifications from the preferences page (For more info click Here)

You can use the link and customize it for your groups:

Adding the Unsubscribe Link

  1. Access your network and log in.
  2. Go to the group or create the group
    1. Once the group is created the footer is automatically created by the system and it will include the unsubscribe link.
    2. Default Footer: You received this message because you are subscribed to the [{GROUP NAME}] group. Replies to this email will go to the Demo Network-Demo Group group. To reply only to [Name], email [UserEmail]. To post to this group, send email to: Visit this topic here: {[TopicLink]} To unsubscribe from this group click here: {}.
  3. Change or leave the email footer but include the unsubscribe link
    1. Go to the group
    2. Edit group settings

    3. Email Options
    4. Make custom footer
  4.  Once done click Save Settings.

The user will have to click on the link and enter the email, they will receive an unsubscribe link.


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