Post a Message from the CivicReady UI


Quickly post a message by clicking on the red "New Post" button at the top of every page. Choose "New Post" from the dropdown menu to bring you to the post page. Depending on the package you purchased, you can choose from new post, new poll, new conference call or new IPAWS post. This help-topic covers solely normal posts that are sent to recipients via email, SMS, a Text-toSpeech voice call, social media and media that is integrated with your Regroup system.

From the post page, look to the far left-hand column to click on each mode of transmission you wish the message to be sent (email, SMS, TTS etc.). Each item gets highlighted white and signified with a checkmark once selected.

Inside the Recipients section, choose the location, groups, and individuals you wish to receive your message. Simply begin typing the names of people and groups for Regroup to pull them up.

The sender options are set during group creation process and include caller-ID, names and reply-to addresses

You can choose a previously created template to use for your message in the compose a message section, from the dropdown menu.

When you select a template, the message body is automatically populated:

Or create a new message in the message body, using the buttons above to customize the message, add photos and videos into the body or insert source code. Below the text box you can add separate attachments to be sent with the body of the message.

You can send a different version of the message via SMS if you choose, in the next text box.

Below the message, you have options to preview the message or listen to how your message sounds when read via Text-to-Speech.

When you select the recorded message the screen expands to give you options to record your own voice message to send or to upload a MP3 file.

Users have the option to post a message to just one particular group from the group page as well. Click on the name of the group and then click the gray post to group button at the top of the page.

Whenever you post a message, you will receive a confirmation message at the top right-hand portion of your screen and then you are brought to message post screen so you know the message was sent successfully.



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