Network Management and Administration


Network Branding and Customization


  1. Customize your Network to match your community's logo and colors.
  2. Navigate to your Network Settings page.
  3. Scroll down to Display Settings for customization options:
    • Logo: When you UNCHECK the Use default logo box, an option appears to browse for a file: NOTE: logo aspect ratio is 4.3.1.
    • Logout Landing URL: choose the URL of the internet page users will see when they exit the CivicReady platform. Direct the user back to the home page of your organization's website or any other page as you wish. 
    • Color settings: Change colors for the navigation bar, font, and accent color by either typing the color HEX into the box or finding the right color by clicking on the color box and finding the color you want. To set your preferences, check the box.



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