Network Management and Administration


Restrict Non-Admin User's System View


You can limit the access members of your organization have to Regroup. Restricted users will see a different (restricted) screen when they login into the Regroup system.

  1. Once you select the User Rights settings in your Network Settings page all non-administrative users of the system will be automatically directed to the Preferences page. By making this selection users will only see four tabs: Account, Email/Phone, Join a Group, and Group Notifications
  2. In the preferences area your users can update their personal information, email and telephone number preferences, join other groups, leave groups, and also set preferences for message delivery and frequency.
  3. "User Rights" can be restricted by navigating to your Network Settings page. Select your Network's Settings under the Admin Settings tab.
  4. Under the General tab, in Access Settings you will see at the top "User Rights". Check the box then scroll down to save the settings.
  5. The Network and Group administrators will be unaffected by this setting.

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