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Caller ID for Converting Email In Feature to TTS


Note: We have enhanced the default settings for your groups by allowing you to designate a specific Caller ID for each group when posting text-to-speech messages.

When an authorized administrator emails in to a specific group using the unique email address of that specific group the CivicReady system has the ability to convert that email the administrator is sending into a Text to Speech message. The CivicReady system verifies the email address the message is coming from is in the system as an authorized email address belonging to an administrator.

As a default you can set the caller ID for a specific group for converting the email in feature to TTS messages in the group settings page.

  1. Navigate to the Group Homepage and click on edit group settings link to the left.
  2. Once on the Group Settings page scroll down until you see the Text-to-Speech (Voice) option.
  3. Note: The option to convert the email in feature to TTS has moved from under Email Options (when you check the box to expand options) to right above Email Options.
  4. Check the box and fill in the Caller ID you would like to show up for your TTS messages.
  5. This will now automatically convert the email in feature to a TTS with this specific caller ID.
  6. Save settings when finished.



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