Group Settings: CSV/Database Integration Processing style

CivicReady offers you four types of CSV processing at the Group level.

Static Group

Static group option comes in place when we are doing network level replace / purge.

For Example:

  • • We have 3 groups in the network and we have set network to replace/purge
  • • Now we need to replace/purge users only from 2 groups and third group users should be kept as it is
  • • In this case static group option comes. while processing it checks the group.

If set to static then we will not touch that group users.

After choosing the desired group click "Edit group settings"

Scroll down to see CSV/Database Integration Processing Style options. After making any changes save settings.

Normal Processing Style

The system will automatically add any users who are not already in the system.  For users already in the system, it will append any additional data (such as emails or phone numbers) without deleting existing information **. Options for Deletion and Modification are noted below.

Note: If a database ID is present any data with the exception of the primary email will be replaced.

Active Roster Processing Style

The system will replace(delete) any member not on the most recent .csv file uploaded to our database. This allows you to send only your active roster and automatically remove any members that are not active in the group. This processing style is an effective way of managing your users.

For example: You send over a .csv file today with 10 records, tomorrow two members have dropped and you send over a file with 8 records. The two records that are not on the most recent .csv file will be deleted from group

Purge Processing Style

New users are imported and the existing users data is replaced with the data in the incoming .CSV file. 

Existing Users in the group who are not in the .CSV file will be removed from the group, but will NOT be deleted from the CivicReady DB.

For example: You have a .CSV file with 10 records. Then tomorrow you upload anther .CSV file with only 8 records, plus you change some of the information of existing individual users(ex: phone numbers, address, last name..) in the record. the outcome will be 2 users removed and the other information of the individual user updated.

The exception to this is if the data entered in manually via our web portal, this data is then protected.

To enable this processing style go to your Edit Group Settings and scroll down until you see "CSV/Database Integration Processing style" and change the setting from "Normal processing" to Active Roster or Purge Processing.

CivicReady also allows you to control this at the Network Level as well.


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