Secret Groups


CivicReady has a special type of “Secret” group, where only network and group administrators as well as group members can see the existence of the group.  

This option is available to admins when they are creating the group and can be changed to, or from, secret status at any time. Users become group members by invitation only as the group is not searchable nor is it possible to join without admin intervention.

Creating a New Secret Group

"Privacy" required

You can choose from 3 different types of PRIVACY when creating a new group. Public, Private and Secret. After filling out the rest of the required fields click on Create Group.

Changing an Existing Group to Secret

By going to the group home page and selecting "Edit Group Settings" you can change Privacy settings.

Group admins are able to change the status of the group Privacy between Public, Private and Secret at any time.  In order to make the changes an admin must go to the group's homepage and select 'Edit Group Settings' on the left.  This will bring up the same screen as shown in the Creating a New Secret Group above, however the fields will be populated with the existing data.  Simply select the 'Secret' radio button and save the changes.

Becoming a Member

A user with administrative privileges has to add or invite you to that group.


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