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How Can I Remove Users or Modify the Groups they Belong to via the Database Synchronization?


Admins are able to easily change a user's group membership using a .csv upload.  This method allows changes to be made quickly make changes to an individual user, or multiple users at the same time.

In the .csv upload, CivicReady allows you to designate how a user is modified by entering different codes into the Group ID column.  The following codes allow admins to make large scale changes:

In order to add the user to new groups simply enter the group ID(s) into the Group ID(s) into the Group ID cell for that user separated by a semi-colon.

Group ID = 00000

The user will be completely removed from the CivicReady database.

Group ID = 00001

The user will be removed from all groups.

The above method can also be use to change a user's group membership by entering 00001 as the first Group ID (thereby removing them from all groups), followed by a semi-colon and the Group ID(s) the user is going to be a member of.  Please review the below example of a .csv format to change group membership.

Group ID = 00002

User will be removed from specific groups. This option requires admins to input the relevant group ID(s) after the above code.

With this method you can easily remove members from a specific group bulk.  To remove the user from one group the input would be 00002;GROUPID1. Additionally you can remove a member from multiple groups by adding a semi-colon after the group id followed by another Group ID to be removed. Example: 00002;GROUPID1;GROUPID2.


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