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Is there a way that I can add a user in CivicReady without having to upload a file?


  1. Find a group that you would like to add a user under the Find a group tab or on the menu on the left side of the Main Homepage.
  2. After choosing group, on the left side of the group page, you will see "Add/Invite members". if you're logged in as a Full admin of that group or Network Admin.
  3. Users can be added using only their email addresses or their name and email.  As well, there exists the option to have an email sent to users confirming their membership which includes their user name and password, if they will be logging into the system at any point.
  4. You are able to enter the First Name, Last Name, Email Address of a new user. Please note that since you have not added a phone number to this record you or the user will have to add this information if you should desire this user to receive Text to Speech or Text Message.
  5. Sending Welcome message and login info to new members
    1. Right after checking empty box as shown below you will be able to edit the Welcome message.
    2. When done click Submit



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