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Healthy City


The Healthy City Module can be used for:

  • Users to sign themselves up and keep their information private
  • Tracking user’s progress on individual physical activity
  • Tracking user’s progress in changes in health indicators

Adding Activities

Note: Only System Administrators and Owners of the module can add activities

  1. Log in to the Admin side of the website.
  2. Select Modules > Content > Healthy City.
  3. Select the Activities
  4. Select the Add Activity button to add an activity to the public side activity drop down.
  5. Name – Type the name of the activity
  6. Inputs – Change the drop down(s) from ‘No’ to ‘Yes’ for that activities level of measure. You will need at least one input for each activity.

For Example, the activity ‘Walking’ can be measured in Time, Miles, Steps etc. By changing the input drop down from ‘No’ to ‘Yes’ for the input ‘Time’, the user on the public side will be able to measure this activity only by time.

Becoming a User

  1. Create a User ID and Password
  2. Select the New User  button if this is your first time or click the Login button if you are a returning user. If you are a returning user, see step 5.
  3. If you are a new user you will be taken to a profile screen. The user must fill out all the fields with the red asterisk.
  4. Once they put in the necessary information the user must click the Sign Up
  5. The user will then be able to put in their physical activity and health indicators.
  6. Select the activity from the Activity drop down and enter in all the necessary information and select the Add button to add it to the Activity Log.
  7. To enter personal health information select the Personal Health Information. Click on the Add button and put in the information and then click Save.
  8. Logout when finished.








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