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Editing an Employee in Onboarding


All, Employee Personal fields are required. When you are done entering in the information click 'Save' in the bottom right-hand corner.


Employee Information

  • Name - this is the name of your employee.
  • Email - this will be the employee's username and password when they first log in. This email will also be used to send a system generated email.
  • Location - this is the location your employee works in.
  • Supervisor - this is the person the employee reports to.
  • Job Title - this determines what onboarding forms and sections are pre-aligned when a new plan is made for this employee 
  • Hire Date and Start Date – these are used for reporting purposes 


  • System Admin - this person has full access to CivicHR (and all modules)
  • Supervisor – If you have Performance Management, this role is available here so you may set up a new employee in one place.
  • Hiring Manager  If you have Applicant Tracking this role is available here so you may set up a new employee in one place.

Quick Links

  • Reset Password – You can reset an employee’s password by clicking this button. It will send a randomly generated password to the employee.
  • Archive – If an employee has been terminated, use the archive button. This will remove their system access.


The tab shows a timeline of changes for the employee. You can see all changes, who did them, and when. You can also enter in an unlimited number of notes. To add a new note, click the blue button in the top right-hand corner. 


Onboarding Plans

Here you can add, edit, and delete plans for the employee.


To create a new plan, click the “Create Onboarding Plan” button.


You can edit and delete existing plans by using the edit and delete buttons.


Clicking on a plan will take you directly into the plan itself.


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