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LDAP Troubleshooting Group Syncing


Below are basic troubleshooting questions that if addressed, speeds up the support process. If possible, please include the answers in your ticket to support.

  • What group(s) are not syncing?
  • Do the group names in Group Administration match exactly with the group names in Active Directory?
  • Are users assigned group membership in Active Directory?
  • Do these groups show for the user(s) in their /setup test results? 
  • Is this affecting multiple users or only one user?
  • Is the user using their Active Directory credentials?
    • Note: Users must log in using their Active Directory username (username or username@domain), not their email.  
    • Note: You must ignore what shows as their "username" in the GCMS, as this is not what we use for authentication. Authentication happens with the LDAP service and we sync accounts on either username or email field. 
  • What are the users' emails and usernames in Active Directory?
  • What message does the user get when they log in using /setup? Please provide screenshots with your help request.

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