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InformaCast Set Up


CivicReady is integrated to work with Informacast naturally so a individual API is not available.

To set up the InformaCast integration CivicReady must activate this feature first.

CivicReady's integration with InformaCast will allow notifications (text and/or pre-recorded .wav files) to be sent automatically to the group of your choice and select the type of Alert InformaCast offers.

  1. First Whitelist the following CivicReady servers:
    • (
    • (
    • (
    • (
    • (
    • (
    • (
  2. Next navigate to the Network Settings
  3. Next navigate to the "Integration Settings" section
  4. Enter the InformaCast username, password and Informacast IP address Please also open port 8444).

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