Modify an Event


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  1. Log in to the admin side of your website.
  2. Go to Modules > Content > Calendar.
  3. Choose a category.
  4. Find the event you wish to modify and click Actions > Modify.
    • Title – Place the title of the event in this field.
    • Event Date – There are two options: single event and recurrence. (See Fig. 2.1)
      • If the event is recurring, you will be given the option to edit the single event or the entire series.

        If you have selected “This and Following Events”, it will take you into the event details where you can update the information for the series. At the top of the event, it will let you know the total number of occurrences that will get updated upon saving the event. If you choose “Single Event”, it will only update that one event and no other events in the series be updated.
    • Address – If you put the exact address in the first field you will be able to link to a map. You can put extra information in the second field and it will not affect the mapping of your event.
    • Include Link to Map – If you link to a map and put a correct address in the fields above, the user will have an option to view a map of the location and obtain directions. Make sure to open it in a new window.
    • Open Map In New Window – Will open mapping options in a new window
    • Location – If you have the Facilities module you can choose a facility that has been set up and this will link them to that page to give more details about your location.
    • Time Details – If you do not have an end time, put the time details for the event in this box.
    • Cost – If there is a cost associated with the event place it in this box.
    • Description – If you have just a short description for the event place it in this box.
    • Photo – Browse your hard drive for the photo you want to relate to this event
    • Link – You can link to a page, 3rd party site or document here. Normal linking rules apply.
    • Agenda Link – Provide the link to the most current agenda.
    • Email – Place the exact email you want as a contact here.
    • Display Text – Most site standards are to set this as Email; this is what the user will view on the front end instead of the actual email address.
    • Contact Phone – Enter the phone number for the event
    • Related Calendars - Relate the event to multiple calendars, but still maintain it in one spot which will automatically updates the additional related events, making things much easier to maintain! In addition, if you happen to have multiple calendars associated with a single widget, you don’t have to worry about the event being duplicated on your page — the event will only appear one time, so that you can showcase more individual events within your widget.
    • Click Show Additional Details for more Options
      • Featured? – This will place the event at the top of the calendar module. This will help to draw attention to the event(s).
      • ADA – Tell whether the facility is handicapped accessible.
      • Upload Content – Clients who still upload their content via HTML can still use this upload their content to the site.
      • Details – This is an editor box where you can add any other information that you have not entered any other place on the screen. This is a place for additional hyperlinks, photos, information and/or extra items you wish to be known about your event.
      • Display – This is when the event will be placed on the public side of the website (NOT when the event occurs). Remember a calendar is a historical document – most of the time you will not take the event off of the calendar.
      • Mini Calendar – This will display in the feature column calendar.
  5. When done filling out the boxes, you can spell check the entire page by clicking Spell Check button.
  6. Select Save, Save and Submit, or Save and Send
    • Note: If you save and send, you will need to add a comment (optional) for Notify Me emails when the pop-up displays, select when you want the email to send, and click Send or Don't Send if you do not want to send the email to subscribers.

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