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CivicEngage Mobile (CivicMobile) Download Prompt


Promote your community's CivicEngage Mobile (CivicMobile) app with our new download prompt functionality. Using this tool, when citizens visit your website on a mobile device, they will see a message letting them know that you have an app available to download. They can simply click on the notice and will be taken directly to the download, no searching required.

If they are not interested in downloading the app, they can simply dismiss the message and will not see it again. The message will display for AndroidTM and Apple® devices, and is available to all CivicEngage Mobile (CivicMobile) clients.

When It Will Be Seen

A user will see the banner to download the app when they access the site on a mobile device more than once. This is a controlled by Android and iOS base functionality.

If the user dismisses it, the prompt will not appear again unless they clear their history.

SSL Requirements

In order for this feature to work properly on all iOS devices you must have SSL turned on for your site. If you do not have a custom SSL for your site, please contact your Account Manager for information regarding options. If you have a custom SSL but it is not set to always be used, please have the Primary Contact of your account contact CivicPlus Support via email.


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