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Remove Flagged Posts


When the public reads a post that they find objectionable it can be flagged as inappropriate.  The system will then send an email to both the Group Owner and System Administrator that a post has been flagged. 

Either the Group Owner or the System Administrator can review the post or discussion, and the comments from the public, as to why it was flagged, and remove or un-flag the comments.

  1. Go to the Community Connection site
  2. Click Group List

  3. Click the Group you need to review
  4. Click the Discussion

  5. The Discussion Group will then open so the comments can be reviewed. The flagged group or comments, flagged as Inappropriate will appear in red.

  6. Click Flagged as Inappropriate to see the comments the public has left stating why the comment was flagged.  A comments box will appear showing any comments the public has left regarding the post. 
  7. Click Un-flag to remove the flag on the post. 
  8. Click Remove to remove the post from the site. This will open the remarks box that will allow a 500 character response for why the comment was removed.
  9. Click Remove Comment

Note: Community Connection also has an Inappropriate Word filter that appears under Site Properties.  If the post has an inappropriate word in it, the system will prevent the post from being saved and let the user know there they are using language that is not permitted on the site.


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