Create a Category in Forms Module

Note: Only System Administrators and Owners (of the module) can add a Forms Category

Note: It is recommended to use the Form Center for any regular, non Request Tracker forms.


  1. Login to the admin side of the website
  2. Go to Modules > Content> Forms
  3. Click the Add Category button just below the content tab.
  4. In the textbox labeled Category Name type in the name of the category you wish to create.
  5. The Permissions section is used to give individual groups different levels of access to the category you are creating. Each available group will be listed below the Permissions heading, with three checkboxes available.
    • View – If the category is intended to be public, you do not need to worry about having this option checked for each group. If the category is intended to be private, View allows the users to see the category when logged in.
    • Author – Giving a group Author access allows the users in that group to create forms in this category, but they must Submit them to a Publisher to make them available for public access.
    • Publish – Giving a group Publish access allows the users to create and publish forms in this category.
    • Owner - Giving a group Owner access allows the users to create, publish, and delete forms in this category.
  6. Once the information above has been entered, click the Save button
  7. The category you have just created will appear under the heading Unpublished Categories. In order to make it available for public view, click on the Publish link.

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