Delete a Category from the Forms Module

Note: Only System Administrators and Owners (of the module) can delete a Category

Note: It is recommended to use the Form Center for any regular, non Request Tracker forms.


  1. Login to the admin side of the website
  2. Go to Modules > Content > Forms
  3. Find the category you wish to delete in the list.
  4. You must have the category Unpublished before you can delete it.
  5. After your category is Unpublished, select Delete from the drop-down menu under Choose an Action.
    • Note: Deleting a forms category will also delete all the forms in that category. Click on the View List link to make sure there are no forms still in the category. If there are, check to make sure you want to delete them all.
  6. A pop-up will appear, asking if you are sure you wish to delete the category.
    1. If you have selected the incorrect category to delete, click Cancel.
    2. After making sure the category you are deleting is the correct one, click OK.

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