Create a Form in Forms Module (CRT Recommended Only)

Note: You must have an existing category in order to create a new form. If you do not have an existing category, please refer to the Creating a Category section for instructions.

Note: It is recommended to use the Form Center for any regular, non Request Tracker forms.


  1. Login to the admin side of the website
  2. Go to Modules > Content > Forms
  3. Find the category you wish to create a form under.
  4. From the Choose an Action drop-down menu select Add Item
  5. Form Name -- Enter a name for your form. This is what will be displayed at the top of the form on the Public side.
  6. This form submits data to -- If you have the Citizen Request Tracker, you will have the option to for the form to submit data either to Email Address(es) or to A CRT Category. If you do not have the CRT, Email Address(es) will be selected automatically.
  7. Submit to Email Address (optional) -- Type in the email address(es) you would like the data to go to. Separate multiple email addresses with a semicolon. If you do not specify an email address, the form will go to a default address specified somewhere else in the system.
  8. After submitting, go to this page -- You can also choose which page site users go to when they click submit. You can send them to a current page, or you can create a special page. A special page should thank them for their information, feedback, etc, let them know if they will be contacted and what will be done with their information.
  9. For a CRT Category -- Choose from the drop-down menu which CRT Category you would like the form to be listed under. If you would like to create a new category, you must do that through the Citizen Request Tracker module.
  10. Pad Cells – choosing yes will add a little space between questions, and between questions and headers / instructions.
  11. The Start Date and End Date textboxes are generally left blank.
    1. If left blank, the form will become available for public use as soon as you publish it and will be available indefinitely.
    2. If a Start Date is entered, the form will become available on that date.
    3. If an End Date is entered, the form will become inaccessible on that date.
  12. You must click the Save button on the upper left side of the screen to continue building your form.
  13. After clicking Save, you can click the Hide Details button, which will collapse the section you have just filled out. To view this information again, click Show Details.
  14. Click the Add Field button on the left side of the screen. Proceed to the Adding Fields to a Form section. Hide Details collapses this box.


Information submitted to any form fields will be transmitted via email for administrator notification and thus are not eligible to be adequately protected sensitive information. For this reason, do not request the following information on any forms:

  • Social Security Numbers
  • Driver’s License Numbers
  • Bank Account Information
  • Routing Numbers
  • Medical Information
  • Passport Numbers
  • Passwords

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