Graphic Links


Create a Basic Graphic Link


  1. Log in to the admin side of the website.
  2. Select Modules > Content > Graphic Links
  3. Select a published category and click on the link to that category.
  4. Select Add Item.
    1. To upload a graphic saved on your computer, click on Insert Image. To create a custom button in the module, click on Insert Fancy Button. This will present you with various options to begin creating your own button.
    2. Insert a Mouse Over Image (the image that renders when hovering over the graphic link on the front-end), if applicable.
    3. Insert the relative or full url for this graphic link in the Link field.
  5. Display Starting On is the date you would like this Graphic Link to display on the public side. Stopping On is the date you would this Graphic Link to come off and unpublish itself from the public side.
    • Note: Make sure that the graphic you’ve created matches the size and design of other graphics in the same category.
  6. Save the item.

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