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Agenda Center Permissions


Assigning Permissions from the main tab will give that group rights to the entire Agenda Center. It’s recommended to go into each Agenda Category and assign Permissions for a group to that category, rather than giving a group, global rights to all agenda categories in this main permission area.

Author, Publisher, and Owner have different permissions in the Agenda Center, compared to the rest of the CivicPlus site.

  • Author: only has the right to create agenda items to go into the agenda itself. The Author level does not have the ability to create an agenda.
  • Publisher: has the right to create and modify agendas for review by an owner or a system administrator; they can publish and unpublish items but not publish and unpublish agendas
  • Owners: have full rights to their group’s agenda categories, but the Owner and System Administrator are the only permission levels that can publish a completed agenda to the front side of your site. Also, the Owner has the right to override any work rules that have been created for that agenda category.
  • System Administrators: have rights over all modules and content on the site

Why it is Different

In some states, it is legally required that only certain staff positions are able to publish an agenda for a municipality board or commission. Due to the diverse client base that CivicPlus hosts, we have clients with different government structures and many different states and counties that utilize this system. In order to provide a system that can abide by each communities local law and to provide ease of use in this system, CivicPlus has built a workflow into the Agenda Center Module.

For this reason, the Agenda Center requires a user to have Owner rights in the module to be able to publish an agenda to be visible by the public.  Because of this, your office can have many publishers who are all able to create, build and edit agendas for review, however, only owners and system administrators will have the ability to publish agendas.


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