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Note: The assignment of permissions through the User Administration/Group Administration modules can take some time and setup to get all user permissions settings precise. All changes are manual so that permissions are assigned with intention and planning.

Note: All permissions assigned to the User Group in User Administrations are provided full access to pages or modules. If you are wanting to assign category level permissions, so the user(s) in question only have access to specific categories instead of the full module, you need to assign those permissions in the category properties themselves. For more information please view our Category Permissions Guide article.

Permissions Levels

  • Author: 
    • View the log-in history for both front and back end users
    • Modify or delete unpublished user account
    • Import users
    • Export user list (export does not contain passwords)
  • Publisher:
    • Everything an author can do
    • Modify, delete, or publish any user account (username, password, email, etc)
  • Owner:
    • Everything a publisher can do
    • Unlock accounts
    • Change permissions for the module
    • Change page names
    • Re-arrange pages, items, and categories
    • Delete page records, items, and categories


  1. Navigate to Modules > Site Tools > User Administration
  2. Search for user
  3. Click on user to modify
  4. View and adjust user information via the Modify User page
    • Email Address
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Photograph
    • Start Date
    • End Date
    • Back-End Groups
    • Front-End Groups
  5. Click on a user's Back-End Group or Front-End Group to view permissions
  6. View and adjust group settings through the Group Administration page
  7. Make appropriate changes
    • Content tab:
      • Settings - allows you to modify Group Name and Description
      • Modules - select modules you want to put in the group
      • Pages - select pages you want to put in the group
      • Users - select users you want to put in the group
    • Permissions tab
      • Apply module permissions to the group
  8. Save group changes
  9. Click Back to return to user profile
  10. Save User changes

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