Setup an Intranet User


  1. Log in to the Admin side of the website.
  2. Select Modules > Site Tools > User Administration.
  3. Select the Add User
  4. Fill in the account information at the top of the Add User screen. The user has the ability to change their password so you can use a generic password. Email address is important; this will allow the users to retrieve their password if they forget it as long as they know their user name.
  5. Select the appropriate Front-End Group.
    • Note: A group must be published in order for the assigned permission to be active.
  6. Select Save or Save & Publish to complete adding/creating a User.
    • Save – Will save the work as an unpublished draft
    • Save & Publish – Will save the work and publish it, making it active.
    • Cancel – Will delete what you’ve done

Note: Setting up an LDAP, ADFS, etc. is very popular for intranets. If you are interested in this, please review our Single Sign On section.


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