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Manage Users

Note: You have to be a CRT user and have permissions to the module in order to view the content. If someone gets a prompt saying they do not have access to the module but see it in their dropdown, they are not a CRT user and will need to be activated on the module page.

Note: Only System Administrators that are also CRT users can access the Users tab.


  1. Login to the Admin side of the website
  2. If you do not have the user created in the system already, please create the user
  3. Go to Modules > Modules > Request Tracker
  4. Click on the Category Name that the user you are managing should have access to
  5. Click Actions and select Properties
  6. Scroll down until you see the permissions area and set the desired permissions to the group the user is apart of. If you need assistance with groups, please review our Group Administration article.
    • If you would like to give the group access to the entire module and all categories, you will select the Permissions tab at top and set your permissions there. Be sure to hit Save, do not select Save and Push Down
  7. Select Save
  8. Click on the Users tab
  9. Click on the Users you want to make either active or inactive
  10. Click the Bulk Actions button and select Make Active or Make Inactive
    • The number of users you have is per contract, the default is 5, you can add anymore at any time, but you will need to contact your Account Manager for options

Note: If no one on your team has access to Request Tracker, have the Primary Contact for your account reach out to CivicPlus support.


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