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The Image Editor tool is a great way to resize or crop images within CivicEngage. It will allow you to modify existing images if you don’t have access to photo editing software.

Step 1: Accessing the Image Editor

  1. Login to the Admin side of your website.
  2. Access the Image Repository - there are two ways to do this:
    • Open up the page you will be working with, and add or edit an image by clicking on the image existing on the page or by dragging and dropping the Image or Slideshow widget from the Widgets tab (you must have live edit turned on).
    • Go to the Modules > Content > Document Center and select the Image Repository Tab.
      • Note: If the image repository tab is not enabled, please contact support or your account manager for assistance.
  3. Once in the Image Repository, choose the folder where the image you wish edit is located and click on the thumbnail of the image.

Step 2: The Image Editor Window

All the tools are located at the bottom of the window to crop or move the image around the canvas.

You can use the aspect ratio buttons to keep your image within specific proportions or use Free to manually adjust the image size accordingly.

View the size of the image on the right side under Canvas Info and Resize Image.

Name your edited version and save your changes at the bottom of the window where it says Save Cropped Image.

Step 3: Using the Tools

  • Undo: Undo (shortcut: Control + Z ) reverses the most recent editing command. For example, this can be used to restore your pic if you accidentally cropped it too small.
  • Redo: Redo (shortcut: Control + Y) can restore the changes that were undone again. For example, if some text was inserted, Undo will remove it - Redo will insert it again.
  • Reset Image: Selecting the Reset button will return the image back to its original state. This will erase all edits you have done up until this point as long as you have not saved it.
    • Note: Do not use this unless you want to start over and lose all current edits.
  • Crop Image: Use the Crop Image tool to trim unwanted areas out of the image.
    • Select the area you would like to keep. Any area outside of your crop box will be removed. This will change the dimensions of the image.
    • Manually enter Width and Height in the Resize Image section or drag the box with the dotted line to fit around your desired crop area.
  • Aspect Ratio: Use the Aspect Ratio buttons for preset crop areas or use the Free button to manually adjust the crop box.
  • Move Image: Use Move Image Icon if you want to move the image or crop box in the image window. Use the arrows to move the image to the Left, Right, Up or Down on the canvas.

  • Flip Image: Using the Flip Image buttons will allow you to flip the image Vertically or Horizontally.
  • Zoom In/Out: Selecting Zoom Magnifying Glass with the Plus or Minus will allow you Zoom In or Zoom Out on the image.
  • Saving New Image: When you are done editing your image, you will need to give your copy a different name and then hit Save Cropped Image. It will not destroy the original image, it will create a new image with the new dimensions.

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