Getting Started


Embed Your CivicReady into Your CivicEngage Site


  1. Know your codename for CivicReady.
    •, i.e.
  2. Choose the embed code you would like to utilize
  3. Replace your codename in the appropriate placeholders
  4. Create an iframe code with your URL.
    • <iframe src="URL" width="100%" height="850px;"></iframe>
    • Yours would be like this: <iframe src="" width="100%" height="850px;"></iframe>
  5. Copy the iframe code
  6. Go to your CivicEngage site
  7. Login
  8. Go to the page you would like the embed to show on
  9. Turn on live edit
  10. Select the Widgets tab
  11. Find the Custom HTML widget and drag it onto your page
  12. Paste the iframe code into the Custom HTML widget
  13. Select Done
  14. Save and/or Save and Publish your page

If you need assistance updating your graphic button, please reference our Graphic Links article.


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