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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Quality of products, tools and services play a very BIG role in the way clients think and feel about their business partners or vendors. Assuring quality of web applications, with all the different type of mobile devices and types and version of browsers, itself is quite a challenge and internet of things, and the growing need to have integrate-able solutions, is making it more and more challenging day-by-day. 

Our vision is to provide the finest in quality software solutions to exceed our client's expectations.

IT industry leaders have realized the importance of giving quality assurance a focused attention and approach and have realized that we need to think about and treat quality assurance more scientifically than we ever have. Quality Assurance often associated to just testing, carries a much bigger responsibility and much bigger impact.

Testing is placing an executable into a known pretest state in a known pre-test environment and stimulating it with known stimuli and then verifying whether the executable's resulting behavior and post conditions match those predicted by the test oracle.

The quality team is sub-divided into two primary units from a strategic point of view and placed to work in a process driven environment to achieve the desired quality on Projects, Enhancements and Bugs, keeping the budget and timelines intact. QA Manager is responsible for managing resources and setting up the road-map for both strategic units of the team, whereas the QAs within respective teams strategize and own the quality processes in teams that they are part of.


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