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Sentinels is the unit of QA team that sits outside the SCRUM process, but supports each of the project teams from outside. This team's primary focus is to set the right quality standards for CivicPlus, invest, research and drive high level changes and make sure that all teams follow and speak the same language as far as Quality Assurance goes.

Sentinels are responsible for the below areas.

  1. Maintaining the Core automation framework that's leveraged by multiple CivicPlus products.
  2. Works with all other development teams to drive QA best practices, high level initiatives and act as a guiding vehicle as far as the quality efforts go.
  3. Get in front of any high-level maintenance issues, technical and infrastructural needs of the teams.
  4. Managing automation, release engineering and DevOps for CivicEngage.
  5. Forming Pre-RolloutRegression strategy for every CivicEngage release.

Pre-Rollout Regression Strategy 

A strategic suite of automated functional tests is executed after running automated sanity tests, from Wednesday evening to Thursday morning, on all QA controlled environments. A sentinel engineer analyzes the results and filters out any false failures and updates the results to all teams as soon as possible during the morning, so that the development team has enough time to fix it. Any genuine issue is reported immediately so that a development team can look at it.

In general we validate ..

  • Aurora Pages
  • Permissions
  • Core Modules (That are not covered by automation)
  • Very high level spot checking of tickets going out.
  • Very high level spot checking of any enhancement going out.

PS: We do not target to test everything on all browsers in this phase, rather each QA picks up a distinct browser and validates their part of assignments on it.


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