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Expired Verification Email


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  • Clara Siegele

    Hi J Grisham I have created a ticket for you so our Support team can look into and help resolve any issues you are having!

  • J Grisham

    Clara Siegele Links sent from a mobile app don't (at least for some cities) include a verification link, only a 6-digit 'One Time Password' code. If the app is closed[1] prior to the verification completing, then there is no obvious way to _ever_ get a new code. Trying to log in with the new account results in a "user is not verified" page[2] (but with no option to verify), and trying to sign up with that email address again fails since "the username already exists"[3][4].

    Using the 'forgot password' option, by the way, does nothing to solve this. If the account was never 'verified' in the first place, no password reset e-mail (or any e-mail at all) is sent.

     - Jim

    P.S. The best way to fix this (and related issues that might come up in the future), btw, is to probably change what happens when someone tries to sign up with an existing e-mail address. If they were prompted with something like "If this is your account, click _here_ to reset your password or _here_ to verify your e-mail account." (or better yet, figure out the issue with the account and only offer the appropriate one of those two options).


    [1] (even inadvertently, by the mobile OS purging it from memory when the user switches to their e-mail app)

    [2] "We don’t recognize that email or password, please verify that you have completed registration process for SeeClickFix (powered by CivicPlus) before trying to sign in."

    [3] "Username '' is already taken."

    [4] "Email '' is already taken."


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